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What is media culture?

Media culture is a largely commercialized form of culture, produced for profit and causes to become widely known in the form of commodities.

  • Commodity means ‘’ trade good ‘’.
  • The advent of the television in the Post world war-2 period that media culture became a dominant force within culture, socialization, politics and social life.
  • The commercialization and commodification of culture has many important consequences.
  • Firstly, production for profit means the executives of the culture industries attempt to produce artifacts that will be popular, that will attract audiences and that will attract a maximum of customers.
  • 2ndly, selling of the artifacts means that the products of the culture industries must resonate to social experience, must attract large audience, must offer attractive products which may shock, break the conventions, contains social critique, or articulate current ideas that may be product of progressive social movements.
  • Media culture is the dominant culture today; it has replaced the form of high culture.
  • Media culture has become a dominant force of socialization, producing new models of identification.
  • Media culture is producing new modes of experience and subjectivity.

Trough media, the capitalist culture is playing the following role.

1st Role in the sphere of economy:

  • Seductive cultural forms shape customer demand, produce needs and mold the commodity self with consumerist values.

2nd Role in political sphere:

  • Media images have produced a new sort of sound bite politics which places the media at the center of political life.

3rd Role in social sphere:

  • Mass produced images guide our presentation of the self in everyday life, our ways of relating to others and the creation of social values and goals. 

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