How Gender and Thematic are related to Comparative Literature?

1: Thematic means a body of topic for study or discussion. 2: Gender means the role assigned to a body. Rene Wellek said that Comparative literature was identical with the study of literature independent of linguistic, ethnic and political background. Raymond Trousson has suggested in fruitful area of comparative studies is the literary representation of named personages. 3: Personages means […]

What are the Comparative Identities in the Post-Colonial World?

Post-colonialism is quite distinct from anti-colonialism. Reactions against colonialism have manifested themselves in a variety of ways, but always posited on the premise of a binary opposition. Where post colonialism differs is that although challenging the hegemony of colonizing cultures, it recognizes the plurality of contacts between colonizing and decolonized. Postcolonial comparative literature is also a voyage of discovery, only […]

What are the Schools of Comparative Literature?

Schools of Comparative Literature The French School: According to the teachings of Comparative literature and comparatists, there emerged different schools of comparative literature such as: European schools consisting of French, German, English, American, etc. Non-European like African Indian and so on. French school of comparative literature came under the influence of positivism: the movement which looks at the things skeptically […]

Who is the pioneer of comparative literature?

In France 1816, Susan Bassnett said that comparative literature has acquired its name from a series of French anthologies. These anthologies were used for the teaching of literature and published in 1816. French Anthologies were published under the title “Cours de literature compare”. Rene Wellek also noted that this title was not used and explained before but he also shows […]

How is Comparative Literature important?

Comparative literature deals with the study of texts across cultures. It is the study of literature and culture beyond disciplinary, nationalistic, and linguistic boundaries. It is the study of cultures. It is inter-disciplinary. It is linked to the patterns of connections in different literature across both time and space. It has special concerned with patterns of connection in literature across […]