How to take notes?

Note taking is a way to become actively involved in taking lectures in the classroom or reading at home. It is an excellent activity which is helpful in following ways. It helps us to be more concentrated towards listening then simple learning. In short time, we can take notes of a lengthy lesson in the classroom. It also helps us […]

How to do time management?

Time management is the way you regulate or schedule your time. The best use of time is the only secret to get success in Academic years. With the help of time management, we can efficiently make use of our spare time to study. For most college students, learning to balance their time use is critical to their college success. Thus, […]

How to paraphrase and summarize an article?

Paraphrasing A better phrase is a restatement of the writer’s original words. It includes examples and references from the original text. It may be long or short in length of the original text. Moreover, it means to rewrite the original text with the help of elaboration of different difficult sentences and using synonyms of the difficult words. If we say […]

How Academic Reading is Important?

Academic reading a process of recognition of author’s purpose, differentiation between facts and opinions, integration of information, evaluation of evidences, and drawing conclusion of the academic text (A text which deals with the concepts and ideas related to the subjects that are studied at colleges or universities). Academic reading is a skill. Academic reading should be constructive, fluent, strategic, motivational […]