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What is the Age of Renaissance in English Literature?

Characteristics of Renaissance Literature Renaissance is a French word that signifies rebirth, the revival of art and learning, and the restoration of classical Greek and Roman culture. It starts in Italy and progressively spreads throughout Europe. When the Turks invaded Constantinople in 1453 A.D., the Greek scholars who lived there fled to the rest of Europe, bringing with them precious […]

What is the age of Geoffrey Chaucer?

Background: The Normans who were residing in Normandy France defeated the Anglo-Saxon king at the Battle of Hastings 1066 and conquered England. It was true that before the Norman Conquest the Anglo-Saxons has a body of native literature which was superior to any European vernacular. Then Normans came and fought a war against them. The Conquest of Normans resulted a wholesome awakening […]

The Old English Period 670-1100

The term “Anglo-Saxon” is a modern term that refers to the settlers from the German regions of Angels and Saxony. They made their own way over to Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire in 410. In the 5th century, Roman armies withdrew from Britain. Meanwhile, Jutes and Frisians from Denmark were settling in the British Isles. The Anglo […]

How to understand English Literature?

The art of creative expression known as literature. This article presents a high-level summary of the subject matter of “The Nature of English Literature.” It could be a remark, comment, or argument made by the author, or it could be a recounting of an experience that the author had. Whatever it is, it will be written down. The recipient is […]