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How to understand English Literature?

The art of creative expression known as literature. This article presents a high-level summary of the subject matter of “The Nature of English Literature.” It could be a remark, comment, or argument made by the author, or it could be a recounting of an experience that the author had. Whatever it is, it will be written down. The recipient is meant to experience a sense of aesthetic satisfaction from it. It contains a number of pieces of literature that are absolutely extraordinary.

Types of literature:

  1. Applied literature:     It is for life. The style of beauty of expression is used
  2. Pure literature:          It is for appreciation of beauty or aesthetic sense, the style of aesthetic excellence is used.

Books have “Subjects” and “Literary Expression or Style”.

Style is of two types

  1. Aesthetic Excellence: In this case, “Subject matter is of aesthetic beauty”. It has simplicity of form, common language, personal or subjective thoughts and love for ideals. The emotional experience is described by the author. For instance, in the 19th century, English Literature has been written with subjective point of view in subjective imagination. Authors uses style of aesthetic excellence in their works. See Preface to Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth. 
  2. Beauty of Expression: In this case, “Subject matter is of Objective reality”. It has complexity of form, difficult language, impersonal or objective thoughts and love for logic. The intellectual experience is described by the author. For example, in the 18th century, English Literature was written with objective point of view in objective reality. 

The ability to communicate one’s thoughts and feelings to others is the most vital component of literary works. When the author is creating works of literature that cover a wide range of topics, he often pulls inspiration from his own personal life experiences. It is possible for someone to have either an emotional or an intellectual experience. Hence, Literature communicates experience.

         A good author should transplant his power of imaginations of his experience to his reader’s mind. For example, an author experiences a matter in his life. He should communicate this experience in form of books. The language should be communicated in order to give the same experience to his reader. For this purpose, words act as symbol of experience. And, writers should have sense of language and imaginative experience.

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How to understand English Literature?

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