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How to take notes?

Note taking is a way to become actively involved in taking lectures in the classroom or reading at home. It is an excellent activity which is helpful in following ways.

  1. Promote Active Listening

It helps us to be more concentrated towards listening then simple learning.

  1. Provides an Accurate Record of Information

In short time, we can take notes of a lengthy lesson in the classroom. It also helps us to manage time for further studies.

  1. Opportunity to Organize the Information

Note-taking is an opportunity to organize the whole information about any text. We can make notes of main ideas or points as well.

  1. Helps Improve in Concentration

Listening carefully makes a listener to engage actively in collecting the observational points. That’s why, a listener can improve his concentration power by making notes.

Note-taking Techniques

  1. Webbing:

This is an effective technique in which we make net or circle around the various informative points.

Steps for making webs:

  • Separate or isolate the key idea
  • Write it in the middle of the sheet
  • Draw a circle around this key idea
  • Add lines radiating out from the circle
  • At the end of each line, draw another circle
  • Fill these circles with subtopics
  • Tree Diagrams

In note taking method, we can also use the tree diagram strategy to make our conscious aware of the important and main key point of the topic.

  • Acronym and Abbreviations

We use another strategy named acronyms in which we make abbreviations of lengthy words. It is also an effective method. Abbreviations are the words written in short form.

For example,

  • Using “B4” instead of “Before”
  • Writing “GC” instead of “Government College”
  • Placing b/w instead of “Between”
  • Divide Page Format:

Divide page format and then place your main ideas and key points in the columns. Divide your page and add key points in the left wide side and main key points in the right narrow side. This method makes it easier to call out important facts and ideas.

  • Visuals:

Creating pictures and diagrams to show the relationship between ideas is called visuals. It is also an effective strategy to make notes.

  • Lists

In note-taking, we can also make a list of facts by giving numbers of these facts.

  • Outline and Highlight

Outlining is such a useful method of note-taking that it deserves its own discussion. It also helps in arranging and get arising the main key points and further sub key points.

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