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How to paraphrase and summarize an article?


A better phrase is a restatement of the writer’s original words. It includes examples and references from the original text. It may be long or short in length of the original text. Moreover, it means to rewrite the original text with the help of elaboration of different difficult sentences and using synonyms of the difficult words. If we say that writing the original text in your own wording, it will not be wrong.

Steps for paraphrasing

  • Read and underline the important lines
  • Try to find synonym for difficult words
  • Try to find different kind of phrases
  • Rewrite by simplifying the structure of sentences and vocabulary
  • Revise what you have written
  • Do not forget to use in text references
  • Try to write your paraphrase in your own wording


A summary is a smaller version of the original, reducing the passage to its essential meanings. We summarize the background information, commentaries, explanations and the whole story of text.

In summarizing, we look for the following elements

Steps for Summarizing

  • Find out the main idea
  • Important names, dates and numbers
  • Key details
  • Questions about the material
  • Put your text away
  • Write in your on wording

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