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How to do time management?

Time management is the way you regulate or schedule your time. The best use of time is the only secret to get success in Academic years. With the help of time management, we can efficiently make use of our spare time to study. For most college students, learning to balance their time use is critical to their college success. Thus, it is the study scale which helps us in managing overtime to get indulged in more study.

Strategies for making effective Timetable:

Strategy No: 01                                 Make Timetable of all Activities

In making an effective timetable and using the spare time wisely in studying, it is necessary to take note of all the daily life activities. There are two kinds of activities;

  1. Essential Activities:

The activities like eating, sleeping, offering prayers, etc. are essential activities.

  1. Non-Essential Activities:

The activities like net surfing, watching movies, playing games at computer are called non-essential activities. Weekly time spending schedule

Step # 2 Get your nonessential activities take note of time consumption in nonessential activities and reduce or eliminate these activities to spare more time for studies it is the only best way in making an effective timetable

Step # 3 Use your time more wisely after eliminating the non-essential activities use your time more wisely to get indulge in studies study the list and see what adjustments you can make in the way you spend your time then learn how to use your time wisely

Strategy #2 Set priorities

Learning time management skills is a matter of setting priorities follow the five easy steps below to learn and to use your time well understand your personal style recognize your limitations achieve a balance

Strategy #3

Make a study schedule you can get a handle on your time by making a study schedule

Step # 1 Prepare our term calendar your turn calendar should outline the following steps assignments with their due dates test with their due dates all college activities all extracurricular activities

Step # 2 Prepare a weekly schedule to prepare ineffective weekly schedule do the following look at term calendar and write down weekly items separate each assignment and test place assignment and test in weeks review the above all the steps finally addition could be made on your choice

Step # 3 Prepare a daily schedule divide a weekly schedule into seven working days take note of tests and assignments dates and spare more time for the preparation of these both

Final strategy after taking note of all activities and dividing the term schedule in two weeks in days we can make an effective timetable in it we have to be flexible because of the sudden changes in the routine of and study time an example of effective timetable.

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