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How Academic Writing is important?

A formal writing which is in some extent complex, objective, explicit and responsible is called academic writing. Academic refers to school, colleges and universities. So these formal writing styles are used by scholars, teachers, students and researchers in their academic sessions.

The Purpose of Academic Writing:

This formal writing is used for the purposes

  • To report on a research
  • To write academic texts
  • To answer a question
  • To discuss a subject matter
  • To synthesis research
  • To critically evaluate the purpose of writer

The different kinds of writing styles

While reading Academic texts, we intends to right in formal way. We approach variously in our thinking and expressing our materials in the writings for academic purposes.

Here is the list showing the various writing styles

  1. Descriptive writing style

This writing style is used to convey a body of information in a detailed descriptive manner. It is also used in writing descriptive essays (essays which are written in descriptive writing style). It focuses on the detailed description on places people events situations or locations with the help of five senses, generally comprises on the writers ability of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling as well. For example, followings essays are descriptive in their nature

  • The garden
  • A visit to a hospital
  • A hot summer day
  1. Narrative writing style

This writing style includes a detailed commentary, history, narration, account, record, report, or story on an event or an issue. It has logical beginning, intervals and endings. For example the following essays reflect this writing style.

  • A road accident
  • My last day at school
  • A visit to a historical place
  • A railway journey
  1. Expository writing style

A writing style in which a text is written through exposition of some subject matter is called expository writing style. In this writing style, the information or explanation of some specific topic or title is also given. In this writing style, the writer focuses more on the explanation of the subject matter then giving the opinions in a long sequences as its main purpose is to explain facts and figures. For example, following essays show this writing style.

  • Institutions
  • Occupations
  • The book
  1. Argumentative writing style

When a writer uses his own opinions supported by their given logic for the purpose to pursue or to convince the reader’s mind to accept the writer’s point of view is called argumentative writing style. For example, the essays a true Muslim, health, and importance of libraries reflect argumentative writing style.

  • Cause-Effect writing style

In this writing style, a writer gives cause and effect to a certain problem. Moreover, a cause usually discusses the reasons why something is happened and an effect explains what happens after a specific event or circumstances. For example, the essays on smoking, corruption and terrorism are written in this style.

  • Compare and contrast writing style

Compare-contrast is a comparison. Compare usually discusses the similarities between two things while the contrast discusses the differences between the two things. For example, village life versus city life.

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